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Ichikoh has been supplying the automotive industry for over 100 years. Ichikoh's employees are proud of their tradition of excellence in production, quality and design. Company's management has set as one of its major priorities to train employees to its management methods, technical and monozukuri expertise as well as communication skills. We strive to provide excellence to our customers with motivated and trained employees.

In order to provide same standards of design, development, quality and services on every continent Ichikoh together with its alliance partner Valeo have put in place common processes and management tools. With the globalization of the industry Ichikoh's management is faced with new challenges outside its turf. In January 2011 we start the "Open-Up" training program for Ichikoh's young managers and future leaders, allowing them to be prepared for the management challenges of the global market..

Ichikoh designs, manufactures and sells lighting systems and mirrors for passenger cars and trucks. We have been a technological leader in introducing LED lights allowing to reduce electrical consumption and CO2 emissions of cars. With the generalization of hybrid and electric vehicles Ichikoh's LED technology will offer numerous possibilities of improving visibility and safety of cars while bringing flexibility to styling. Lights and mirrors are on the most visible parts of the car and Ichikoh's styling team has contributed to the design of some of the most successful cars on the market.

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Name:Ichikoh D2S D2R HID ballast,NZMIC111LBCA000
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