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Japanese vehicle lighting leader

Since its inception in 1915, Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been a leading Japanese supplier of vehicle lighting systems for the automotive industry. In order to maintain its substantial global share and anticipate future customer needs, Koito has developed a strategic global network throughout, North America, Europe and Asia with 12 production bases in nine countries.

Under the slogan "Entrusting Safety to Light", the Koito Group, continues to develop technologically-advanced lighting systems primarily for the automotive and other high-tech industries.

Highly Functional Headlamp System

Koito introduces the innovative high performance headlamp system with many functions and is equipped with an automatic leveling function to fully improve the performance of the gas discharge headlamp system

Gas Discharge Headlamps (GDHL)

A high - intensity gas discharge light source eliminates filament breakage due to vibrations and ensures double the product life, triple the brightness and just over half the power consumption of halogen bulbs.

Total 22 pcs

Name:89907-30020 LEXUS Headlight LED Control Module
Standard:KOITO 31900-70834 L016
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:89907-78030 OEM LED Control Module
Standard:KOITO 31900-70445 L002
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:89907-47010 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO 31900-70687 L008
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:89907-24010 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO L005 31900-70514
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:89907-62010 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO HU4 L006
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:85967-48020 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO DM010 R01
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:85967-48010 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO DM010 L01
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:85967-47040 Headlight Computer Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO DM014 L11
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:85967-47050 Headlight Computer, Light Control LED
Standard:KOITO DM014
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito
Name:8R0 907 472 B (8R0907472B) Headlight LED Control Unit
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Koito

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