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In the field of automotive equipment, the driving force of the company's development, Stanley has always led the industry, developed and supplied highly reliable products and contributed to a safe and rich “automotive lifestyle.” From an early stage the company began to research and develop HID lamps, attracting attention as a next-generation light source for headlamps, which resulted in the initial application of Stanley’s headlamps for Japanese cars. Taking advantage of its unique optical design and simulation technologies, Stanley developed “MR (Multi-Reflector) headlamps” whose reflectors have a built-in “light distribution function” and “free ellipsoidal reflector headlamps," expanding the horizon of automobile design, serving as the pioneer of current trends. Furthermore, Stanley has started paying attention to the potential of ultra high brightness light emitting diodes (LED’s) as a light source for automobiles from their early stage and commercialized “LED high-mount stop lamps,” which are highly effective for the prevention of rear-end collisions with other cars in addition to “LED rear combination lamps.”

Ensuring forward visibility for the driver and notifying the presence of the car, headlamps are items indispensable for driving in the dark and, at the same time, assume a key role in the design as part of the frontal design of the vehicle. Headlines have continually evolved toward further brightness, beauty and safety, and light sources have shifted from incandescent lamps to halogen lamps. And now there are high intensity discharge (HID) lamps emitting light close to that of the sun. Casings have also diversified from conventional lens-cut types to multi-reflector (MR) headlamps of Stanley's original design, projector and free ellipsoidal types.
In recent years, we have accelerated the development of LED head lamps that are kind to the environment.

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Name:stanley CIMA D2S D2R HID SCB26 OEM Ballast original Xenon hid ballast Parts
Standard:stanley SCB26
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