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As a manufacturer of automotive lamps, Harison Toshiba give shape to dreams and transform ideas into light.
Harison Toshiba Lighting Corporation
manufacturers a full line of industrial use light sources that meet the demands of virtually any application. Each engineered and manufactured with an attention to detail and quality. Harison family of products and history of innovation have established Harison Toshiba Lighting as a global industry leader in comprehensive lighting solutions. With more than a half century of experience, we are committed to developing high quality produts that meet the demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles.
Harison future is a vision of new accomplishments and a determination to contribute to the automobiles of tomorrow.
Harison products have been verified by a third party testing firm and have exceeded the rigorous performance demands of the automotive OEM’s.

Toshiba only Produce HID XENON D4S BULB

Total 1 pcs

Name:OEM D4S Xenon HID Bulbs Toshiba Harison Japan
Standard:Harison D4S
Category:OEM Xenon Brands Toshiba(Harison)

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