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High Intensity Discharge (HID) / Xenon Lighting utilizes the light of a plasma discharge arc to generate light. Each lamp contains an HID light source, electronic ballast, an optical reflector and lens. Instead of a glowing filament (contained in traditional Halogen sources), a high voltage charge from the igniter causes an arc to light between the electrodes of the light source. The blue-white light that is produced provides optimal illumination for driving, enabling the driver to see more clearly.

Visteon's High Intensity Discharge (HID)/Xenon Lighting delivers a wide, well-defined beam pattern for improved illumination using less power compared to conventional Halogen-based headlamps.


Offers more illumination and improves visibility through a wider beam pattern and light distribution compared to Halogen.
Permits a high-tech styling appearance for brand differentiation through complex reflector or projector optics.
Generates cost, packaging and power consumption savings by eliminating the additional high-beam source.
Maintains lamp performance in adverse conditions (weather, road grime, etc.) and optimal position of light for driver and oncoming traffic through the washer system and lamp-leveling system.

Visteon Projector Headlamps
A projector headlamp is a unique optical system utilizing an ellipsoidal reflector in conjunction with an objective lens, similar to slide projectors. A projector system can use a halogen or High Intensity Discharge (HID)/Xenon light source.

Exterior styling and aesthetic appearance of headlamps has taken on more importance in the design of today's vehicles. Visteon has developed Projector Headlamps that deliver a careful balance between design, performance and practicality by considering vehicle styling needs, lamp packaging constraints and functional performance.

Increases packaging flexibility by freeing up valuable engine compartment space due to its small, modular package design.
Provides a highly durable lighting solution in a lightweight and compact size as it comprised of die cast aluminum and plastic reflectors.
Permits a high-tech styling appearance for brand differentiation with its glass projection lens.
Reduces power consumption through the use of bi-functional technology–the same light source generates both high and low beams by moving a shield in front of the direction of light propagation.

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